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I have had to do this to cars that come into the garage, with owner giving it large with the 'oh, it has lock nuts, ive never seen the thingwymabob'.

This is not for the faint hearted but if you are stuck.

Get a socket (1mm too small), preferebly Snap On as they can handle it. Put an extension bar onto the socket and smack it on with a hammer, (MUST use an extension bar unless you want to smack the wheel with the hammer). This will give you enough purchase to remove the bolt. As i said its brutal, but works. You will then need to get 4 new bolts and make sure you put the locking key in the tyre well.

P.S. To any pikeys reading this tip, dont be stupid, we will hear you using the hammer.

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Yea a 17mm normally fits on a M12 mcguard and a 18/19mm on a M14 mcguard-- ive lost both before.

Im keeping my new one safe.

All the covers come off easy enough in the back of the avant, ive had all mine stripped down before- im doing the same with my new one on boxing day if you need any pics then Pm me, kris

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ive just changed the bulb in my rear indicator and ive dropped the bolt behind the plastic trim. how does the trim come off? its a b6 a4 avant. does it just pull away?

[/ QUOTE ]

I've done this before.

The way I got to the fallen bolt was through the luggage hook. It's held in by a single Torx screw, with the hook out you should be able to find the bolt through the hole. A telescopic magnet is very handy at times like this too 169144-ok.gif


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