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Front ABS sensor problem


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Passat 2001 TDI 203k....

My CV joint collapsed and has been replaced. The ABS and Traction Control lights have been on since confused.gif.

The "ring" that the speed sensor picks up from seemed to be the problem. It has been refitted a number of times with no success.

The "ring" on the new CV joint appeared loose (thats what you get with cheap parts!) We have tried both now, they will tighten slightly and seem a decent fit. I reset the fault codes and all seems well. As soon as the car is driven there is a slight click as if for some reason the "ring" is touching the hub carrier and it either jams and doesn't spin with the CV joint or it comes off where it is sat. The speed sensor appears fine and has been cleaned.

I have a feeling its nothing to do with the sensor and i would have the problem even with the sensor fitted. Starting to think my problem is the CV joint, its either a poor fit or the wrong one.

Any advice appreciated 169144-ok.gif

Changed the other CV joint a while back for an OEM part and it was straight forward

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