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19" TFT


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Seeing the price of tft's have fallen a great deal and also the fact that mine got pinched a few months ago, im looking for a 19" model or even a 20".

Have seen this one at MD ASUS 19" for £139.

Being a widescreen will it look weird or the same as a standard 4:3?

Anyone recommend any others or a good 20" one for the same-ish price?


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not look weird - the gfx card will push out extra pixels, nowt will be distorted. If anything, widescreen on a Pc is a bonus if you run a few apps at a time.

The contrast ratio is good too, and they offer three year warranty. The only caveat is that it's a VGA connector. If you intend keeping for a few years, it might be hard to find high end cards with VGA, as opposed to DVI/HDMI. But that's a small concern.

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