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[Audi A3/S3] Black Fluid!


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After some advice please: Picked my car up yesterday from the local bodywork shop after having the front offside wheel arch sprayed and the front offside wheel refurbed. Great job, really pleased with it, other than the slight dripping of black fluid from that area. It is dripping down the arch towards the front, opposed to the back of the arch (where the mudflap would be fitted).

Anyone have any idea what this may be? I am thinking either they have used some oil/liquid when carrying out the work, or something has been disturbed when removing the panel etc.

It is a black liquid almost like oil, although it does not smell. It is not coming off any other arch and didn't happen before it went in. In 24hrs it has only been a few drips.

Any thoughts?

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Noticed a dripping from exatly that same area just 10 minutes ago when parking up for the night. Couldn't see how dark the fluid was, but it was viscous like water. Definately not oil.

Think the pipe for the rear wash has blown off from the reservoir and the washer fluid is slowly dripping out. Will remove the reservoir tomorrow and check for sure.

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