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Oops - dropped my VAIO


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Have just dropped my workhorse Sony VAIO laptop and unfortunately the screen has cracked.

Only the top 1/4 of the screen area now works - although it seems the hard drive is intact as it resumes from hibernation fine.

Any suggestions for getting a new screen fitted or any TSN computer repair people out there that I could post it to ? 169144-ok.gif

Model is Sony VAIO VGN A-115 S


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I would get the hard drive out, call your insurance comapny and get a new machine sent out to you. Buy a usb caddy for the hard drive and restore from there.

[/ QUOTE ]

would really like to keep the physical machine as you don't see any decent laptops with "normal" screens these days.

All this widescreen nonsense drives me mad - the VAIO I have has possibly the best 1024*768 screen I've ever seen on a laptop (X-Black etc).

Will try the phoning around approach next week for starters.


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Have a look for parts or a complete system via flee bay.

There's bound to be one with fecked internals and a good screen. I've done some work on Laptops, screens are not easy to break and rebuild (and get back to perfect). With decent Laptops costs spiralling lower and lower, it might be wise to consider the insurance claim option.

That's likely to be better than £200 for 2nd spares unit plus £100-£200 worth of rebuilding labour

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update - Sony have the repairs market locked down completely so £550 for a new screen.

They don't post out spare parts to customers, and they don't gurantee your hard drive will remain intact even when just the screen is broken.

That was an expensive start to Christmas Eve smashfreakB.gif

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well I went with Sony in the end, they collected it last Friday at 9.30 AM and it was delivered back this morning at 9am shocked.gif

all works fne and they didn't touch the hard drive.

despite the cost I'm very impressed with this, especially as it went to France to be repaired.

Well done to Sony this time around - but they are a rip-off for repairs.

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I have been frustrated in the past trying to get Sony laptop spares, as you say it is completely locked down.

Even though I work in TV and have a Sony spares account the system wont let you order anything laptop related even with the part number sportifs2.gif

I had to sell my previous Vaio on ebay as broken because I could not get a £50 bit to fix it myself. But for some reason I keep buying them?

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