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NAS or not?


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I have been thinking of getting a buffallo terrastation server for £439. For three main reasons...

1) To provide print server functionality.

2) To store lots of stuff which at the moment is just clogging up my two laptops.

3) To give the potential to stream the output to a network media player.

But then I got thinking...

Is it easy to build a decent cheap PC which will provide NAS functionality as well as FTP, webserver, and then I can site it near my TV and surf TSN in 42" of joy 169144-ok.gif

So could I assemble something half decent for a budget of £430 ish ?

Don't need a wireless keyboard and mouse 169144-ok.gif

Basically looking for 1TB of storage, and was thinking of using Raid5 so 4 x 250GB disks.

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I had been using a PC as the NAS filer for a while, but got rid for celeron based Thecus 5200's. I got 2 of them loaded with 5x 750GB disks. Best thing I ever did, keeps everything in one place with some redundancy.

Burnt my whold DVD collection to ISO files on the NAS and now use an Xbox as a media center.

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I bought a terastation 1tb a while ago - use 4x250gb drives with a RAID5, so 750Gb available which is plenty...

There is the print server as mentioned but I don't use it. I used this method over any other for space reasons and that I can set permissions using active directory users...

If I had thought about it I would have done the PC route, but I but things on impulse a lot!!

I am very pleased with it though!

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You could buy a cheap as chips PC, one of those cards, and 4 x HD of your choice 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

That's what I've got and it does the job. It's on 24/7 and is also the PC I do all my downloading on.

I have my xbox chipped and running XBMC, to which I stream video, music and photos. (I don't use it for games anymore tbh.)

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I have a FSG-3 as well (250gb) and use it to connect to py philips 42" LCD TV. It can be expanded and they also do a wireless one. Unless you need 1TB then as stated it is a good choice. I also have a Linux box with 4 x 300GB drives as well but the disks alone would cost more than a terrastation.

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