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A4 is no more...


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I can't actually remember much at the moment due to mild concussion but sadly the A4 is a total loss :-( I hit a oak tree on a quiet country lane late last night and I was knocked out for almost 10 minutes until the ambulance turned up. I haven't seen the car yet as the Ambulance crew advised against it but the o/s of the roof is completely caved in to the steering wheel. I should really be dead right now I guess!! blush.gif luckily my friend escaped unhurt but I am still in hospital due to the concussion, headaches and whiplash.

So it looks like I'm spending christmas in hospital this year :-( although on the upside if I was in anything other than the Audi then I probably wouldn't be typing this right now! blush.gif

Take it easy out there this year guys!

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Sorry to hear about your pride an joy, and the fact that you are in hospital especially over Christmas, however life is most precious and you still have your's thank god.

As for the car well, it has to be said can be replaced, it's depressing to think of all the work that you recently put in on your A4 to make it special.

Sorry to hear about your troubles hope you get well soon and if you can have a good Christmas


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Really sorry to hear that Nelson.

Like others have said the car can be replaced (and think of all those other retrofits and mods you can do), just so long as you make a full recovery that's what really matters.

Sounds like a B7 deserves top marks in the NCAP tests, it certainly did it's best to protect you and your passenger.

Get well soon and keep us up-to-date with your progress.

I look forward to spending more money with Audi-Accessories in 2007.

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Good to hear everyone is okay

Let us know how the old NHS turkey dinner is these days! grin.gif

All the best 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

If it's anything like the Roast Beef I had at lunchtime then I'm off down the local Harvester tomorrow! :d

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes, I'm absolutely gutted about the car. I loved the thing to death frown.gif Unfortunately I don't think my next motor will be another A4.More likely an A3, Ibiza Cupra TDi again or a VW Golf GT however I've already been told off by my Old Dear for asking her to get me a copy of Top Gear from the Hospital shop blush.gifops:

I've been told I may be able to leave tomorrow evening now 169144-ok.gif So hopefully I'll be able to open all my Christmas Presents grin.gif

Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone.

P.s: This hospital has these entertainment screens so you can use TV, Radio and internet etc. However it costs a bomb!!

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Poo the bed II!!!!!!!!!! shocked.gifshocked.gifshocked.gif

Neil as said above all the very best to you and your mate. Glad to hear you're only in overnight and the car did it's job!

I hope you're back in another Audi ASAP!!

BUB beerchug.gifbeerchug.gif

PS Take care out there guys, I had a big moment in the A4 last night, it just came out of the blue but I caught it in time. I put it down to Sh**e greasy/wet/salty roads. And a heavy right foot smashfreakB.gif

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