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A4 1.8 20v cutting out/misfiring


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I've got a friend who has an A4 1.8 20v on an S plate. It's been missing and stuttering a bit recently, and he took it to an indy who diagnosed MAF. He's shelled out for a new MAF, still the same thing.

Two different indys have apparently told him he's just best trading it in on something else! Surely it can't be that hard to diagnose a misfire?

I assume that indys just have a generic ODB diag, not a VAG tool or VAG-COM. Would a VAG-COM provide better diagnostics?

To make matters worse, the blower in the AC has just packed up. frown.gif

Any suggestions that I can make to him? He's not everso technical, so it needs to just be pointers he can throw at somebody with an ODB tool.

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VERY generic list of issues that have troubled A3/S3 1.8 <font color="red"> T </font> 20v lumps, which of course are mounted the other way around to the A4 and turbo'd.

coil packs.

coil pack amp (if it has one)

I know some earlier A3's with the bolt down coils had one that lived on the top of the battery.

coolant sensor can sod up fueling.

But i wouldnt suggest looking at anything before a good diagnostic, clear the codes, and see what comes back.

Old faults, can cloud the problem. You need to know the current faults.

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