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any idea of the cost involved to land a personal plane at LHR?

im sure its chicken feed for those who can afford their own jet, but i am curious. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure how much the airport landing charge is (ATC is around £100 per landing at LHR afaik, take offs are free wink.gif ) but I don't think LHR landing fees are silly money. Its the parking charges that the BAA make a killing on. Its charged in 15 minute blocks, big big money.

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Isnt that a 747?!

I though the Falcon you were talking about was much smaller. Something bigger than a Hawker, but smaller than a Global G5 etc. That just looks like Airforce 1!

If a G5 is circa $35m depending on how you kit it out, that much be what like $60m?

Does he have a smaller one to for Europe etc?

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Yes they are very nice. I see one actually that looks just like that in St Tropez. A G5 is the more expensive option isnt it? Its faster, bigger and can do more miles too right. I was told by a Pilot recently that in order to do the 'long' trips (Hong Kong etc) you should really use a jet with 3 engines for some reason. The smaller planes are nice, but if one could one should be able to take ones wife for a shopping spree in New York on ones weekend! 169144-ok.gif

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