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A6 or not?


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Hi, I've currently got a Jag X Type saloon which I'm more than happy with, but need to change as I'm re-homing a greyhound & need more room. So I'm looking for an Estate, & having driven (but not owned) an A4, Passat & Golf with the 1.9 diesel, started browsing for details of Audi's & VW's (I know there are X Type Diesel Estates, but fancy a change). I like the look of the A6 Avant, so questions:

1. what diesel engine option should I go for,

2. what issues should I be looking out for when viewing

3. what can I get for my money?

Looking at spending £12-14k & will cover approx 10k miles a year.


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basic 1.9/2.0 diesels are workhorses and same economy as the A4. See earlier posts about 2.7d, considered by some as good balance between oomph and economy. Can't speak about the petrols, but suspect emissions tax/economy will figure heavily given your budget.

Check electric windows, especially the rears - common for them to fail to raise - apparently a over-sensitive sensor.

Check for hesitation when lifting the clutch on setting off. Not a good sign.

Vibration on idle - injectors/seals.

Check the radio/CD - including all panning/fading controls, and that each speak (10?) works.

Make sure you get two sets of keys, radio code and the red 'master key'. Also original mats and load liner.

You should be able to get an 03/04 circa 50k miles, few toys and leather/alcantara. Don't think quatro is on the cards unless you take a high miler or go back a few years.

FWIW I bought a '03 1,9tdi@110k about six months ago. Trim is in excellent nick, and everything's still nice and tight. Engine gives about 45-50mpg mostly urban.

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I sold my A6 tdi sport auto for £15k nearly a year ago, this had 18" alloys, full leather trim, dvd sat nav.

I would seriously consider upping your budget and getting a new 2.0tdi avant, mate just bought an 06 black s-line with leather and nav for £19k, it was advertised at £21950.

Even if you were going to pay cash for it fiance the extra £4k over 3 or 5 years, you would pay £70 a month over 60 months, but well worth it, buyig a warranty on an 04 plate car in March will cost you £60 a month, plus you will have teh extra costs of owning a 3 year old car.

Plus you will be in a much better car.

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