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leaking washer bottle...


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hi guys,

happy boxing day and all that! My washer bottle has sprug a leak! stood there filling it up for ages before i realised it was all running over my feet!! looks like it is coming down thru the wheel arch somewhere?

Are they easy to remove/replace? (doesn't look it) and has anyone managed to seal a leaking one? I can't really afford a long visit to the garage just for a washer bottle but the whale icon on the DIS is driving me mad and there is never enough water in the bottle for activate the headlight washers!!

anyone got any ideas or point me in the direction of an old thread about this? I had a search but coould only find stuff about A3's.

cheers in advance.

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Most likely to be the head light washer pump, they corrode through and eventually split. Quite a common problem on the B5 and probably the same part on the B6.

Stealers wanted £200+ to do mine, but i got a pump for £35 from VAG Parts and did it myself, took about an hour and a half. If you go down the diy route i'll post up some instructions, mines a B5 but should be similar. 169144-ok.gif

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