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Wiper Blades and Front Headlamps.....


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Quick questions chaps:

next service is still 700 miles away [about 3 weeks].

#1 My front right dipped headlamp bulb has just blown on my 04 B6 A4 1.9TDi 130 Saloon

a)Anyone know how much stealer will charge to replace it?

b) is it worth just swapping over with normal stealer bulb or shoul I source "brighter bulbs" [if so whicg ones - te Osram silver stars or something]? Obviously then I would have to pay to get both changed I guess...

#2 Wipers are smearing so time to change also - will probably wait until the AVS. Will they just swap the blades or is there any benefit in asking them to fit aero blades now? Anyone know costs?


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I've not had my first service yet, but my car is now 14 months old and I decided to renew my wiper blades. (In the past when I've annually serviced my vehicles it's something I always do.) The rear was about £5 and the fronts about £25.

I bought them off Nelson, as it was cheaper than my dealer and I'm sure he can give you a more exact price.

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I don't think I have the aero-wipers, just the "standard" ones that came on the B6

Regarding the bulb replacement I got some conflicting comments today:

The service guy at SKF Stockport said that recent changes in the warranty meant these [ie headlight bulbs] are now replaced under warranty but as their workshop was having building works done suggested I book it in for Bolton SKF .

Bolton Service dude said it was chargable at £20ish... confused.gif

Seems my next service will set me back £340 at 32.5k miles!!! Is that normal? frown.gif

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