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[Audi A3/S3] Goodbye to a 2006 A3 2.0 TDI DSG S-Line Sportback


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Well I'm about to give my company motor back after 34,000 miles in 14 months - I'll be kind of sad to see it go.


DSG (S-Tronic) is brilliant

Quick performance

RNS-E Navigation

Front seat comfort

Xenon lights



S-Line suspension

Yup it has been a great car, made better still by running it for 20,000 miles with a REVO stage 1 map cool.gif. The only downside has been the S-Line suspension. The suspension was ultra-stiff when it arrived and I'll never forget the 1st trip back up the M40 and feel of the flesh in my face wobbling (and no I'm not a fat B**tard!). The suspension mellowed a bit but not much and has remained the very harsh end of firm since day 1.

In contrast I have had occasion to drive 4 different A4 B7 S-Lines on 18" wheels (and bought one of them) recently and the ride quailty has been really rather good on all of them. So Audi do know how to do it - maybe they will get it right in the A3 one day?

So if anyone reads this thread and is pondering how to spec a car - Xenons, parking sensors, armrest and DVD Navigation are the 'must haves'. DSG (S-Tronic) is fantastic if you like Autos (I do) and the 2.0TDi engine in 140Bhp mode followed by a trip to a Revo dealer is the way to go. Mine has always liked oil - 2 litres for top up in the 1st 18,000 miles and it is still partial to a drop now.

The real fuel economy has remained at a steady around 44mpg, and slightly better when the Revo Stage 1 map was switched on.

If I have another on it would be in SE spec with Sports seats as an option. The new ride (not a company car) is in the signature file below - residual value is important to me with high mileage being a fact of life and this is the cheapest motoring I've found to date.

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