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Xenon Alignment for MKV


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mine are centrally aligned with no problems in 18k miles.

it needed a combination of the dealer VAGCOM machine for up/down alignment and the spanner adjustment for left/right balance.

VW technical effectively admitted it was a design flaw that they made the lights so difficult to adjust - I complained about the dealer wanting to spend 1.5 hours doing the job (bumper off etc). It should be possible to adjust them without taking the bumper off, you just may have to put up with less skin on your knuckles !

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Oli - there is a lever behind the physical lamp unit that controls the height of each beam - giving the effect of left > right adjustment. This is the difficult part of the job as VW have made it stupidly difficult to get to the lever for mere mortals like us. The operation of the lever is covered in the manual.

The auto-calibration feature of the xenons comes in two stages from what I've experienced, in fact 3 if you count daytime running lights usage.

For the base level, VAGCom is used and this completely resets the lights.

From this baseline the lights will automatically adjust when switched on from cold - this is always relative to the baseline.

The third situation is when you run the xenons in daylight - at a couple of meets we've noiced that there seems to be a link to the auto-sensing feature (the bit that detects whether light is worsening). Guessing that in decent light situaitons the xenons operate at about a third of their normal throw - quite a nice touch !

When I had the ARBs done and because the ARBs tighten everything up, the baseline had changed. Hence when I was switching the lights on they were using a starting point that was not "zeroed". A quick reset on VAGCom and all fine again. The last time this was done the level dropped by about 2" against an object approx 10ft away.

Another guess - but suspect each light can be affected separately be severe jarring - as I have also had one side only adjusting on a previous VAGCom effort. So worth noting that this check should probabaly be done fairly regularly, esp. in winter.

The lights setup that I go with gives a consistent beam with no left>right bias and the level is checked every time I go to APS - so about once a week at the moment yelrotflmao.gif

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