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CSL Xenons


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I've had the CSL out a few times now at night on unlit country roads. The dipped Xenons are absolutely rubbish, and only light up about 20 feet in front!

Is that normal, or is there something wrong with mine? I notice when you start the car and turn them on they rise up automatically, but they definitely aren't providing me with enough light on dip. Full beam is brilliant though.

Overall, the Xenons on my S3 were far superior on dipped beam. frown.gif

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Well mine are fantastic! They must light up double the amount of road the R32 ever did. You think ther eis a chance they are set at the wrong angle, pointing down?

[/ QUOTE ]

I reckon they are mate, definitely not good enough as they are just now. I can see very little in front of me.

Got a problem with the rear heated screen interfering with the radio reception, so I might get it booked into the dealer to look at both issues.

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I think, and don't quote me on this, that although the lights are auto aligning, there is a setting on each zenon to adjust the natural height manually. Mine I think are currently set to high and everyone on the planet flashes me - I like it like this as at least I can see the road!! Haven't looked to adjust them yet. You can adjust this yourself or get the dealer to do it - I read somewhere that its a knob I think. I think there is also a switch to adjust for left and right hand drive.

Hope that helps



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if its anything like the s3 xenons you will need to get a dealer or similar to do it as they need to set the xenons to 'centre' and THEN adjust them otherwise all the adjustments will just be useless as the motors will still be set to a certain 'centre' height. Its to stop people adjusting them too high and blinding people as xenons are so much brighter and therefore more dangerous if poorly adjusted.

i wouldnt try adjusting them without the motors being put to adjust mode otherwise you MAY damage the adjuster screws by trying to force them too far like i did before i knew of this issue. frown.gif all sorted now but several hundred pounds lighter.

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