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(very) early service indicator


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I have a 52 Bora Sport TDI 130

The "Service in 2000miles" has just started popping up even though i have only done about 2K milage (max) since last service (early sept 06). mad.gif I am on the usual schedule of once a year or every 10K miles, but i probably only do 5K a year. So far all have been full VW main stealership services.

I had the same problem last year (service indicator came on about 4months and thousands of miles early) and with the help of rustynuts and/or mulkbear simply reset the service indictor and forgot about it.....but two years in a row is starting to make me worry!

I occasionally suffer from heavy right foot syndrome but certainly don't thrash the car around. I do most of my miles as city miles with trips less than 3-4 miles max) but must also do 4 or 5 trips a month of 40 - 100 miles distance.

Any ideas / help /advice gratefully appreciated

Sid 169144-ok.gif

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