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[Audi A3/S3] Buggy in a sportback?


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We have the Sportback and now we have a baby on the way ...

After looking at a gazillion buggies, finally decided on a Maclaren XLR with the Recaro baby seat, only to find it dosen't fit in the boot.

Any suggestions for a buggy for a newborn? We don't want one that you have to take off the wheels or anything. Needs to be quite light too.

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The Smallest systems tend to be those like the Quinny Zapp, which I believe takes a MAxi-cozy car seat on the frame. The problem is that it doesnt provide much of a buggy for a younger baby. I have a quinny zapp in the garage, so if you wanted to have a look before buying let me know.

We had the M&P Pliko system, and this fitted into out A4 and TTr boot ok.

I did find Mamas and Papas very helpful though and able to try a range of folded buggies in the car, then purchased online from somewhere like Kiddicare.

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Unless you have figured this out for yourselves already, I can say that the Quinny Buzz fits in the boot but there is bugger all room for anything else. And it won't fit with the Dreami thing for really small babies, only with the standard seat attachment.

We bought the Quinny Zapp now the baby is a touch older and the Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX seat which slots on to it.

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