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A4 S-line SE Spec up'ed


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If this has been posted before Opps sorry. But just looked and I see that they are now offering RS4 18" alloys and a few other bits for no extra on the S-line SE A4s.

Think they also come with Chrome rear tailpipes but the black surround grill. Looks pretty darn nice I have to say.


The S line Special Edition package starts with a powerful upgraded 2.0T 220 PS petrol or 2.0 TDI 170 PS diesel engine, and boasts impressive styling specifications. These include 18" alloy wheels styled on the RS 4 and S line body styling, as well as a black styling pack from quattro GmbH which includes de-chroming of window trims, a front grille and a roof rails on the Avant. Front sports suspension and cross-drilled front brakes (only on the 2.0T petrol model) complete the performance upgrade.

[/ QUOTE ]

Nice little video of the updated spec. 169144-ok.gif

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Classic parts-bin special run-out edition, they're just using up the bits before the B8 in the Autumn. Only buy if you can handle big-time depreciation!!

Actually find it annoying that they're making it look even more like an RS4. particularly the wheels which really should be RS cars only!!

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I have to say if I had an RS4 I would be well jarred off with the way they make the S-Lines look.

At least the S4 doesn't look like an S-line, just a shame it doesn't look as good! frown.gif

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I agree. The S cars, especially the RS cars should be look different from all over cars in the range. If I had paid 55K for a RS4 only to see a 25K S-Line looking virtually the same it would leave me a bit miffed

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Not yet - still got one year warranty left. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I have never heard anyone get refused any warranty work for a remapped car, it is the easiest form of work for a dealer, book it in, do the work and bill Audi. Why would they refuse that? grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I think that one of the chaps who comes to the SW Meets had problems both with the dealer and the company doing the chipping. I think it was going to cost him in the region of £1000 for a new ECU. I may have been resolved so I won't name names but if I remember correctly the company weren't as super as they suggested sekret.gif

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I wouldn't expect anything less from Superchips, I used to work for someone who was a superchips reseller, and he told them to stick it due to their 'customer care' or lack of.

I would only think the ecu itself would be a problem, if that was goosed I would think the only way you could knacker it is whith a bad flash, and that could be checked when sent back, but everything else like turbos etc. could have failed due to any reason.

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Recent sales bulletin :-

Quarter 2 A4 Special offer

We are pleased to announce that DVD-based Satellite Navigation System Plus with MMI control

logic and 6-CD auto changer will become part of the A4 consumer offer until run out of the

current A4.

The SE for free and S-line for £750 offers will continue for all cars sold and registered from

1st April until 30th June 2007.

Summary of the new consumer offer:

SE models S line models

SE model premium free of charge S line model premium reduced to £750

17” 16-spoke alloy wheels free of charge 18” 5-arm alloy wheels free of charge

DVD Satellite Navigation for £500 DVD Satellite Navigation for £500

CD changer for £290 CD changer for £290

Customer value: £2,615 Customer value: £3,155

DVD-based Satellite Navigation System Plus for £500 and 6-CD auto changer for £290 is also

available on S line Special Edition models, S4 quattro and RS 4 (RS 4 Technology pack is removed

from ordering).

The A4 DVD-based Satellite Navigation System Plus with MMI control logic is a class leading fully

integrated navigation system with many innovative functions and customer benefits which provide

additional Vorsprung durch Technik to the A4 range. .

Summary of DVD based Satellite Navigation System Plus benefits:

• High resolution colour display enabling detailed ‘birds eye view’ mapping and split screen


• MMI control logic for intuitive use of all navigation, traffic information, telephone and audio


• Dynamic guidance via TMC which can help avoid traffic delays.

• 2 integrated MMC/SD card slots for additional MP3 music capacity.

• European navigation DVD disc for easier continental driving.

Please note that the ‘BOSE for free’ element of the current Q1 consumer offer will be replaced with

DVD satellite navigation and CD changer from Q2. However, the Bose for free offer can not be

combined with the new DVD Sat Nav and CD Changer offer.

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