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Wonder Wheels v Muc-off wheel cleaner ???


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I always like the spray on Megs Hot rims. I had the Muc Off wheel cleaner set once and that stuff seemed pretty good. I have also tried P21's gel which was pretty good as well.

I think there are two schools of thought on wheels and i use both. On our Jazz and the 530d i tend to just use a wheel cleaner and a cheap wax.

On the others (they do way less miles) i use wheel cleaner once every 2 months or so i then apply AG SRP to the wheels and cover with Rim Wax. The following washes are done with with soapie water.


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Megs WB mixed about 10 parts water to 1 WB or Megs APC mixed 4 to 1. WB is corrosive but diluted this much still works fine and no damage unless you have fancy rims, powder coated or polished. Even then should still be OK

P21's is supposed to be good but it is very expensive and smells like a dead cat left in the sun for 3 weeks, concentrated.

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