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Mark II TT Roadster - M40


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Trundling back up the north carriageway this afternoon in the tractor and on the southbound a Mark II TTR went past - petrol blue, dark blue hood and 56 plate on it. I didn't think they were on the road yet? confused.gif

I definitely wasn't seeing things, it looked so distinctive I spotted it half a mile away. I'm tuned in to turtles. Wish I could have got a pic. frown.gif Looked fecking lovely. smlove2.gif

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Without doubt it was an OU56 plate. wink.gif

Seriously, I didn't see the first letters clearly enough, but it could well be an Audi UK car as they had the coupe in petrol blue that I went to see at their holding facility after the launch. 169144-ok.gif

Spotted a black and two red Mk II coupes as well today, and a Condor Grey yesterday. Getting common. coffee.gif

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