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MK5 Golf Emissions Light / Limp Mode


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Hello guys, wondering if you can help...

I have got a 2.0 TDI 54 plate Golf that has got some strange problems. In November last year I was driving it on the motorway and all of a sudden 90% of the power was cut. After a short while I worked out that the throttle was working normally for the first 25% and then staying at 25% no matter ho much more you pressed the pedal. As soon as I switched the car off and on, it was fine again. This happened once more before christmas (so twice in about 3000miles)

Then it really started getting bad Last Friday! I was driving on the motorway again and the same problem occurred, except the 'Emissions Workshop' warning light came up. No matter how many times I restarted the car, after about 1-2 miles this throttle problem would come back. I took it into VW and they had it for a day and replaced a pressure sensor and said it was all fine.

It all worked ok until about 200 miles later when exactly the same throttle problem happened again and the warning light coming on again 100 miles later!!!

Does anyone have any experience with this/any ideas what it could be?! Could it be a VNT problem?

Your help would be much appreciated!

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Ha! That's exactly what I thought Rustynuts! "Go for your lives!"

Not having much luck with this car. Had to have a new Flywheel fitted 4 months ago! Think an extended warranty will be required!

Mind you it has all been worthwhile to experience the raw power of the 1.2 Lupo Courtesy car several times... yelrotflmao.gif

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Reported in a post before Christmas simmilar lack of power above 2500 rpm. Switch off and restart on the move returned car to normal. Bought new airmass and MAP whhich I haven't fitted as yet as all has been well.

Two days ago happened again when passing our local TETRA station (Police transmitter) where it has happened before and again cleared on re-start on the move. Today did 150 miles without problem so am none the wiser!

I too have a chip fitted but cannot see that it could be undue wear on the injectors as this would not clear itself on restart nor would turbo problems. Can only hope it worsens or disappears. Can live with the problem as it is.

Agree with Tristan to replace airmass. My dealer says they always relace MAP at same time as airmass as it's cheap enough at £20. Please keep us all posted.

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Well, I have had the new turbo fitted at the dealers (under warranty) and subsequently done about 750 miles this weekend and the car hasn't missed a beat.

My turbo had been 'whistling' for a while and I had questioned the dealer several times, but apparently it was 'completely normal'. However the new turbo is completely silent, so as I had long expected something was up with it.

Just a bit fed up of the car now after it is proving to be so unreliable.

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