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Wanted: Black R32


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I popped over to Bramley (nr Guildford) the other day and they had one on the forecourt...


Stock ID >> http://tinyurl.com/2z27et



While I was there, overheard some guy turning down the offer of taking a DB9 for a test drive WTF!? slap.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I looked at that when I was buying mine - thought it looked v nice but wanted DSG

I actually lived in Bramley as a kid and used to drag my dad around that garage staring at all the cars bowdown.gif

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Yes I'm still planning to sell it, although haven't put it up for sale yet. It's a 5 door, '53 plate with 47k miles, full black leather konigs, Cruise control, sunroof and all the other usual R32 bits.

It will be getting a front bumper repsray next week to clear up the stone chips which the R32 is vulnerable to.

It's got full VW history with the last service being August '06, I had the Haldex 4 wheel drive service done before xmas aswell.

Any questions give me a shout. or drop me a PM 169144-ok.gif

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grin.gif yep, I thought the backdrop looked moody so reversed onto a very muddy bit of ground... well 4 wheel drive comes into its own in such situations. And FYI, a brand new set of unused R32 mats will be thrown in with the car if I get the right price, so muddy footprints won't matter! 169144-ok.gif
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