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New Wheels - voice your opinions please!


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Hi Guys and Gals,

I have been waiting for my current tyres to get old and bald, as this is the best excuse to get a new set of wheels...

I have set up a little poll, so please vote for your favourite. I would also really appreciate any comments you have!!!

I have a 2005 (new shape) A4 Avant in Phantom Black.

It is a 3 litre Diesel and is in SE spec.

I went for the SE, as I personally found that the shocks and springs were too harsh and jarring when driving for long periods of time.

However, I think that upgrading from a 16 inch to a 19 inch wheel will be a great move. That way, I get a comfortable suspension package, with a set of rims that have minimal tyre roll.

Later on, I plan to do the RS4 Anti-Roll Bar change too.

So, here is my question.

Which wheels should I go for?

I would like to stick with a standard style wheel, obviously these will be replicas so that I can get the correct offset and size.

Choice One - the New RS4 style wheel.

These look mean and clean. They remind me a bit of the old TSW Blades from the early 90s!!!



Choice Two - the Old RS4 style wheel.

I really love these, but am beginning to think that they are starting to look a little bit dated on the new shape A4



Choice Three - the RS6 style wheel.

These look totally clean and simple, and are basically the same as what I currently have on my car, but a lot bigger!



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I think upgrading from 16 inch to 19 inch wheels on standard suspension and expecting it to still be as good as its was is a hell of a big ask to be honest. As UBN said the car will tramline like made, will look like its on stilts and probably won't drive well at all.

I'd seriously advise you don't go any higher than 18 inch maximum and don't go any bigger than a 20mil Rear ARB.

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Agreed, you need the sports suspension with the 19" 245 profile tyres.

I put 19's on my 2.5tdi se avant and it was not good, in teh end sold them and put 18's on with a 225 width tyre and it was far better, but still too wallowy. I found the s-line susepension actually soaks up poor UK roads better than the SE, well no worse, and it doesn'thave all that body roll.

So budget for some nice aftermarket shocks too. smile.gif


Still look best on a black avant. 169144-ok.gif

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I've had all three (on the TT) and on the S4 I've had the OEM Avus, the RS6 reps and now the new RS4 reps.

I've always really liked the RS6 wheels and they're easy to clean. I don't think it's at all a wrong decision to go with them however I think the new RS4 wheels are just that bit more agressive looking whilst still looking suited to the car.

I'd say :

[1] RS4

[2] RS6

[3] 9 spokes

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I agree with gIzzE re sline suspension coping with poor UK roads as well as SE. M5 n/bound 2 miles or so leading upto Wellington junc I used to move into lane 2 as SE coudn't cope, 1st time in sline forgot to move out of lane 1 & didn't even notice uneven road! I think putting 18/19s on SE without suspension mods will make it too tall

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This is all great information.

It's looking like I might need to drop the car a little.

I'm really happy with the road holding, but I do notice a little bit of tyre roll when I am cornering

I don't think it will look like the car is on stilts - the actual circumference of the wheel and tyre combo is pretty similar.

The idea is, that there will be more silver aluminium filling the arch, and less black rubber!

I am really appreciating the discussion and feedback though - thanks!

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I have a set of 18 inch RS6 reps on mine and like them a lot with the added bonus that they are easy to clean! I am local to you so if you would like to try swap them on to one side of your car to get a real life picture of what it would look like give me a shout!

As for the rear ARB, I have fitted the rear RS4 unit myself so would be more than happy to help etc!

Good luck!


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Hi SPLiiX - thanks for the great link, that miata site is now firmly on my favorites!!!!

At the moment, I am running 215 55 16

According to the site, if I move to a 235 35 19, I will only be 0.7% too slow, which is pretty bloody good!!!!

Besides, this will be corrected in VAG when I enter the new size anyway won't it?

- definately thinking RS6 style is the way to go though...

... same look as I currently have, but more metal in the arch, and less rubber!!!!


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