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Valuation pretty please


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Rough Glass's Guide

Volkswagen Golf SE

1.6 Petrol 5-door Hatchback

5 Speed Manual Front Wheel Drive

Year: 2000 W

Mileage: 35,000

Part-exchange Price:

Excellent condition:


Average condition:


Below average condition:


At that sort of price would have made a good car for my son, but im guessing a 1.2 is safer for now. Pics? 169144-ok.gif

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Im in the trade, for my sins!!!!! sekret.gif

My price was from this months book, mileage adjusted. The Vauxhall site that Alastair has used is a good comparison though.

Ref the central door locking pump, why dont you try sepcialist Audi breakers for the parts - or Find a Part and similar companies, found on the Autotrader Website.

And finally Drpellypo, give us the details and I'll give you a book vaule, but if I remember correctly, wasnt your a '92 GTI, so it isnt in the book anymore, and the best way to get a price, for an older vehicle, is look in Autotrader to see what similar ones are going for 169144-ok.gif

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