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it seems that we can choose betwen an a5 only with 3.0tdi and 240hp and s5 with 4.2 fsi 350hp..new modular platform is wery promising..head of audi are even dare to go that far, and they are comparing it's dynamics with the R8..i like the interior indeed..great car, but to pricy for me..i'll wait for the new b8 a4, maybe 2.7multi..have heard that all of the diesel engines will be common-rail, even the 2.0tdi.

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Thinking about pricing - I wouldn't be too surprised if it's reasonably close, model for model, to the A4 Cab.

Which would mean circa £35k for the 3.0TDi.

Given the fact we've had a reasonable debate before now about the real world performance differences between the 3.0TDi and the S4, I could live with that.

Hmmmm.... :chinstrokingponderingtypesmiley:

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I'm holding off too. If the S5 comes in below 40k with a decent spec then I might be tempted.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not a hope in hell. Remember that the 335i with reasonable spec is up at £40k and Audi will see the S5 as offering more (even though it will be no faster - both fast enough for me!).

With Nav, 6CD, phone, MFSW, memory heated leather seats, parking sensors and metallic I would guess £45k. Remember an S4 saloon to this spec lists at c£43k.

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