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Dual Intercooler Retrofit Kit for A4 1.9 & 2.0TDi


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Hi Guys,

I have for sale my (brand new!) Dual Intercooler kit suitable for the following models;

<u>B6 A4</u>

1.9 TDi 130bhp; AWX, AVF, AVB and BKE engine code.

<u>B7 A4 and Cabriolet;</u>

1.9TDi; BKE and BRB engine code.

2.0TDi; BNA, BLB, BRE, BRF, BVF and BVG engine code.

Included in this kit, which uses 100% Factory Parts, are the following;

New Intercooler

Intercooler Mounting Bracket and screws

X1 Cross Tube

X3 additional/new Intercooler Pipes and Relevant Pipe clips

Additional Intercooler duct for the new Passenger intercooler.

This is basically the next step if you've had your Remap and want to move to the nest level. I honestly say how much extra BHP this will give you because this retrofit has never been carried out before; but this is basically 50% more intercooler on your car so at an estimate it'll probably add another 5-10bhp and maybe 15-20 lbs/ft torque. That could take your 1.9TDi or 2.0TDi above 200bhp with a remap grin.gifgrin.gif169144-ok.gif

This Price? Well, this parts kit would normally have a RRP of over £500.00. But naturally it is now of no use to me because I haven't got an A4 to fit it to anymore! frown.gif To do this mod you will need a ramp!!

I require £275.00 including UK Courier delivery which is an absolute bargain in my opinion. Especially when you consider REVO is nearly £600.00! 169144-ok.gif

I can provide pictures of the kit if required.

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