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Are these pads knackered?


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I'm trying convince my friend that theses megs pads are knackered though only used twice on a silver car then a black one: The cutting pad had megs 83 used on it and both have been washed believe it or not

The polishing pad, well that literally looks sad frown.gif I told him to use the polishing pad for windows and the cutting for lights etc.

What say you all? grin.gif




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He might want to but some pad cleaner (snappy is one type) from Motorgeek and he might need some MF rejuvinater for his MF's too!!

Personally the one on the left looks a bit iffy, i dont use them when they get ripped incase the rip gets caught and tears then BADDDDD things can happen!! LOL.

Hmm!! New pads are not much money, best invest!!

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