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Driving to Chamonix


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Well as the title suggests I'm off to Chamonix. I'm especially looking forward to it for a few reasons:

- We're going as a foursome because like most couples our skiing ability isn't exactly well matched. While I relish the opporunity to break a leg on the blacks (it's a week off work at least wink.gif), the Doris is far happier on the nursery slopes making sure she doesn't break a nail.

- The snow reports for this week and the next sound awesome

- It gives me some quality time with my bro who I don't get to see that much anymore smashfreakB.gif

So, back to the reason for the post. We're leaving London at around 3am for the 4am crossing to Calais. I've done the motorway route to the Alps a number of times, but I wondered what peoples' thoughts were on the normal A roads (RN's?). Has anyone got any experience of these, and if so: would you do it again (with reasons please!).


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A good couple of hours extra I'd say - more if you stop off at places like Tournus (for the Roman abbey) or a brief diversion to Beaune for some wine!

Chalon sur Saone was the trouble spot when we used to go down that way to Lyon but I think they may have bypassed now.

Its highly recommended - some lovely villages on the way 169144-ok.gif

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I used to go down to Northern SPain every year and never used the Toll roads, the French 'A' roads are great, some lovely scenery and in our estimations - my BRother did the trip Calais to France / Spain Crossing in 11hrs, our trip on the N routes took 15, but that took in some nice food on the way, so I reccon a couple of hours, 3 tops difference.

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Sod that!!

Autoroute all the way for me, my cousin lives in Geneva and my brother Works in Saas Fee as a Chef, you can do that journey in 7-9 hours no problem at all.

I leave Geneva at 9am and back home in Norwich in time for dinner.

Depends what you want from the drive, nice scenic route or to just get there? Is it really a nice scenic route with 4 of you and all your gear in the car? I would just want to get there.

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Sorry - I didn't see any of these replies originally...so here's an update

We ended up taking the autoroute and it took 7 hours without really hammering it. The roads are great, although I must admit it did get a bit boring sat in the outside lane of a straight road which seemed to go on forever

Two of us are heading out in a week's time and plan to take the non-toll roads, so I'll be able to make a comparision then. I imagine it'll take another three hours.


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