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ED30 wheels


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Few products will just go and and rinse off and remove break dust. Those that do are often acid based and not for regular use.

If there super dirty get a bottle of Poorboys spray and rinse. If they are not so dirty you can use your Hot Rims, maybe you will need to give them one or two goes. Arm yourself with some megs wheel brushes and this should get them clean. If you can remove the wheel this is even better.

Lots of the looks are create from light relfected from behind the wheel face so get them off and this better!!

If you have heavy deposits and wheels are OFF THE CAR you can spray WD-40 on the them and then use a toothbrush aggitate.

Now your wheels will be mainly free of build up, you might want to clay. This will remove dirt (possibly dirt you cant see so clearly). I would then advise using a paintwork cleaner chemically remove junk from the clear coat on the wheels.

Then you can move on wheel sealant as mentioned above will really help you maintaining the wheels. YOu can then wash with just soap and water.

Every couple of months you can wash your wheels with diluted Spray and Rinse or your Megs Hot Rims and then seal them again. Yearly do the intense clean as mentioned above.

Hot Rims is a great wheel cleaner, i dont think you can beat it for less then £10, P21S being pretty good but more money.



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Thanks for the advice, I left the spray about 15 secs before I rinsed it off, the wheels only had brake dust on them, nothing more than that. In the end I finished them off with AG shampoo and warm water. I will give the megs another go, maybe 2 coats next time and I think I will use a sealant from now on. Thanks again 169144-ok.gif

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A friend of mine has these wheels and he swears by Muc Off wheel cleaner, totally safe on all finishes and cleans them effortlessly! 169144-ok.gif

If you seal them with some wheel sealant/wax then you only need shampoo for future cleans. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Once again, thanks for the advice 169144-ok.gif

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