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[Audi A3/S3] S3 indicator stalk problem


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Hi guys,

Ive got a 51 plate S3 and the indicators seem to have packed up! They work fine when operated with the hazard switch or when locking / unlocking the car, but only give the odd random flash when operated with the indicator stalk.

From this I've gathered that it's the switch on the indicator stalk thats duff, but I've never had anything in the steering column region apart before, so was just after some pointers on what to look for and where I'd get a replacement from (other than Audi!!)

Cheers Si.

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Ahhh, you sound like you could be a man in the the know on this then Matt!!

I take it the stalk you removed has the switch mechanism etc on the end of it, and (i'm guessing) plugs into the loom somewhere in the steering column?

P.s is it a difficult job to remove, as I said I've not needed to take anything around there apart before, so not really sure what the script is yet!

P.P.s How much would you be after? (feel free to PM if you want)

Cheers Si

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I didn't actually replace the cruise myself, someone did it for me, but thats only because you need an additional part to the loom for cruise to work.

However, the stalk itself just plugs/unplugs into a socket, so very simple to swap in and out.

You need to remove the steering wheel.

1. Disconnect the netural terminal on battery.

2. Remove 2 torx bolts from rear of steering wheel holding the sirbag in, then unplug from steering boss.

3. Undo torx bolt securing the steering wheel.

4. The stalk is then bolted to the column, so just a case of swapping in and out.

5. You "may" need to remove part of the steering column cover to gain access.

If you want the stalk, its yours for a tenner + £2.50 postage.

(I nicked some of those details from here... http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=17938&highlight=steering+wheel+removal )


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Cheers for that Matt, great instructions, doesn't sound like too big a job.

Going to get my brother to have a look at it at weekend (hes pretty handy with car electrics) and if we can't sort anything then I'll have that stalk off you - can't grumble at a tenner!!

Will let you know how I get on on monday!!

Cheers again


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