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brakelight warning beeper


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hello to all this is my 1st post,

i have a '97 4.2 A8 and i have a problem where the warning light on the dash is telling me i have a light out when all of them work fine!!!

i have tried the connections on the cluster and replaced all the bulbs anyway

common problem??

please help before i take a match to it

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Welcome to TSN mkoneman!

When you changed the bulbs did you check that the contacts were completely clean? A little bit of corrosion can still pass enough current to make the bulb light up and at a glance seem OK, but the drop in current (and an associated slight reduction in brightness) can be enough to trigger the fault code.

Don't know if vagcom diagnostics can pinpoint the fault location more accuartely than the dashboard display, but I'm sure others here will be able to tell us!

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My Merc (am I allowed to mention that on here?) was showing a light fault , intermittently for ages and I could find nothing.

Eventually I remembered I'd changed a bulb and on examining both sides one was a 6w and one a 10w - both looked the same. That was enough to trip the alarm.

I'd renew all the bulbs with new ones of same make and (obviously now) wattage!

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