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Running on 3 cylinders when starting...any ideas?


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My 2002 Passat 1.9 diesel 130 has been in for MOT and 70k service.

I mentioned that it smoked bad when starting from cold.

I was ot worried as I wa spreviously reassured by a forum.

The guy at the garage investigated and said that it was running on 3 cylinders for a few secconds when starting, usually from cold.

They were a bit unsure what it was but are thinking maybe an injector is not working right.

They sent me away with some Forte? in the fuel to clean the injectors and see if that works, but the next step is to take in bits and send the injectors away for pressure testing?

Any thoughts?

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Do a search for injector wiring. Mine started doing what yours is doing then quickily lost a cylinder. It was the wiring in the head.

Best to change that first as they recommend its changed if you replace the injectors. So it wont be a waste of money if it doesn't fix the problem. Just saved a future problem smile.gif

Just a thought

Part was £35 +VAT, but thats a guess as i cant remember

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2012 VW Passat BMT 2.0TDi.  Starting from cold on only 3 cylinders and LOTS of white smoke.  Once engine is up to temperature, runs fine and then will start on 4 cylinders for the rest of the day.

Any ideas please?

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