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Finally got an S8 - Fantastic!!


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What a car!

Picked it up on sat morning and its even better than I thought it would be. It was certainly a fun packed 500 mile drive home again jump.gif and the good news is I still have a license.

The inspection company certainly did a thorough job and the few things he picked up the garage sorted out. Thanks for the advice from you guys in my previous post also 169144-ok.gif

Have wanted one of these ever since watching Ronin in the cinema and am over the moon that I finally have one thats in great nick with only 75k miles (only done 25k in the last 5 yrs) and of course its black. Will get some pics up soon and will probably be a frequent visitor.

One thing you might be able to help with though - the CD cartridge doesnt eject from the changer, any ideas?

Also bought a 98 S4 avant on an impulse on thursday! (mate going abroad, mucho cheapo) so its fun all round now. Just need to convince the wife that we really do need it and we should sell her diesel avant, ho ho

Im off now to read the manual and figure out how everything works on the S8 - may take a while.

Thanks again


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Been trying out tip mode on some of our lovely back roads. What a car. It handles like a much smaller car and the power is just superb.

Even better is the fact that nobody seems to know what it is. Have seen one or two of the quattro sports in town but havent seen any S8's.

Roll on the weekend. Theres plenty of twisty country roads that need trying out.

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