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18" Monzas or 19" BBS CH's

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Just thinking out aloud........ and someone may be able to help

Might be selling my set of 18" Monzas and buying some 19" BBS CH's

Q1.. How much would I get for them Incl tyres (10500 miles all round)

Q2.. How much would a set of 19" BBS CH's cost me with bridgestone tyres

Q3.. What size tyres would I need to fit on them (19" Rims)

Q4.. Would the ride quality change

Q5.. Would fleeBay be the best place to sell them

All 18" Monza Rims are A1 condition (see pic)




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Yes Ebay is prob your best place to sell the wheels as buyers will be less aware of the white worm issue discussed here frequently now and the associated problems of no warranty if the wheels have been moved to a different car.

One thing you could offer to a buyer aware of the problems is to help out with a warranty claim should one arise, maybe offering to put the wheels back on your car and return to your dealer for the warranty claim as if they have always been on your car. This would involve a fair bit of trust from your buyer and also would only work as long as you have your car and its UK supplied etc. Problem Robin has had is that the car his came from was an import and also was subsequently stolen and therefore no longer owned by Oli.

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Hi... I've had a look around for some prices on 4x19" BBS CH's (8" x 19" I think) and tyres, but can't really find any. Is anybody able to point me in the right direction. I also want to stay with the Bridgestone RE050 Tyres, as I like the ride, grip and wear they have given me over the 18 months I've had my GTI.......


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