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VW Golf Mk3 - Flash Red


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Ok, about to start to plan the detailing of my latest purchase. A 1995 Golf Mk3 1.8 Driver in Flash Red which will be replacing our 2nd car, the Freelander I have been working on recently.

Basically the paintwork is in excellent condition with no oxidation, but is suffering from the usual swirls and some nicks and scratches too. I am not about to sort out the latter in a hurry but do want to get rid of the swirls if possible.

My current setup of choice is as follows:


Pinnacle Poly Clay


Dry with Der Wunder and Last Touch

Menzerna FF or IP (Only if necessary) on SFX2

Clearkote RMG on SFX3

Wolfgang DG Sealant on SFX3

Pinnacle Souveran Wax by Hand - Or Maybe Some DoDo Juice when it arrives on trial!?!

I basically would like any feedback on the above task list and how I should tackle the Golf any differently considering it is likely to be single coat paint and no clearcoat?

I am happy with the use of the PC now but will take on board any suggestions on doing this differently to the Clearcoat paints I have worked with recently.


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Hello Ben!!

Yes you will see red!! I cant say how those menzeras will work out but probably bit harsh. Meguiars 80 and 83 are from era of SS paint. The real key to the great finish will be getting the oils in to the paint.

You might find that the paintwork drinks up the RMG and you might want to hit again with another coat.

My advice would be least aggressive method first so light cutting pad and weak polish and see how you get after a couple of passes. How the paint behaves is really something only you will be able to judge rather then there being a direct set up. Take a good look around the car or check the bills incase you are dealing with different types of paint incase there have been repairs etc.

The line up looks good!! Personally i like to keep paintwork with out a sealant on SS but thats probably more of me then any rule!!

I hope that helps.


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What a surprise to hear from you on this one Geoff!?! 169144-ok.gif

Very very comprehensive piles of receipts and VW dealer job sheets and no mention of paint or damage anywhere so believe I am safe with that. The overall condition tells me that it has been looked after a drives superbly.

Just a tad worried that without the clearcoat it will be difficult to work with? I am assuming that a 1995 Flash Red is SS though? Thought VAG paint was really hard too? Or is that just the clearcoat people refer to?

Ok, so if I went with Menz Final Finish on an SFX2 pad would that be too harsh? I am happy to give as many coats of the RMG as is required to load the paint with oils after polishing.

Also, why would you leave the sealant off this one?

I know that my kit wont go to waste as will be doing the A2 at some point but am a little reluctant to buy even more products at this stage as have spent quite a tidy amount in a very short period getting to where I am now!

Am I just better to use the Wolfgang Pre Wax Polish Enhancer and tehn RMG and then the Sealant and/or a Wax?

Also have some SRp in the bike cleaning kit so could turn back to that but think it will be an issue along with the RMG?



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Hi Ben,

Take a generous blob of SRP and apply to panel (after washing) on the car and see if you get any red. That should tell you if its clearcoat. Red was one the last colours along with white to make the change.

German paints do tend to be hard, its the more recent clear coats that make them tough. Cermi-clear is the lastest from MB.

I would definatly hit your paintwork with the PC but just go gentle as it certantly wont be all that tough.

I just always prefered waxes and not sealants as they kinda go with the age of the SS paintworked cars in general.

If you choose to apply SRP then RMG wont enter your paintwork. It wont be bad, it just wont get the benefit of the product.

Let me know how it turns out.


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Hi Geoff,

Worth giving it a go with the SRP just to see if any Red appears on my cloth to satisfy my knowledge about what paint it is. I have a feeling it is SS for some reason.

I do plan to use the PC on it for sure. I want to make this one as mint as possible as will be keeping it for a while now. Do you suggest using the PC with the slow cut method instead or the same as the usual method?

I see your point on the Sealant/Wax thing. I love the Sealant as last a lot longer on there if I dont have time to Wax. Can then just stick a lovely layer or two of Souveran on there and not worry about the durability.

I really want to continue using the Wolfgang products and RMG too if possible. Any suggestions on a good polish that I can use in place of the Menzerna range then, if that is the weakness in my kit for SS paint?

The SRP is in the bike kit that I bought and so not bothered if dont use it on the Golf really as would rather use the RMG at some point in the process.

Hmmm...this is never simple and straight forward! ;-)

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Hi Ben

The Pre-VOC Klasses AIO was good for cleaning up tatty paintwork, the new one is very mild. It just preps the surface and does not fill like SRP, its just a german version of SRP really. Stick with your SRP as you have already paid for it!!

RMG wouldent quite fit with Klasses sealant. As with EGP it needs a clean surface to bond too. EGP will wipe out most of whats beneth b/c it is solvent based.

Assuming your are SS and if your thinking of buying more products then get Megs 80 Speed glaze. Its a mild polish with filling oils and probably still the best single stage polish you can get. Megs 83 DACP, is much stronger and would need to be followed by 80.

After using 80 you not use the RMG if you wanted as there are plenty of TS oils in 80. Apply as per instructions, as this stuff was from the SS days!!


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