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Production M3 unveiled ?


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A double-clutch gearbox might be closer to introduction than first thought, since there will be no sequential-manual gearbox option.

[/ QUOTE ]

who's turn for the bacon butty this time then?? tongue.gifbike.thumb.gif

Maybe its time I sold my car now rather than later on in the year.

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I dont think it will do it for me.

That pic o the interior confirmed in my head its just too much luxury not enough in your face performance.

I will keep my order on as you never know but its looking unlikely.

Might keep it to run for a week alongside the CSL if there are good premiums.

If someone wants to give me a good offer for 5th at Park Lane I might be swayed.

I think its going to between new CSL and GT3 for me. frown.gif

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I spoke to soon really.

I dont want to be hasty until I have driven the new version. I may be more wowed than I expect to be.

I think the new M3 will be a cracking motor and ar better than the old one, but I know how good the CSL is - and ive compared it to the best that are out there.

I just wonder if it will tickle me in the right places.

Very keen on trying it for a week then selling it for a premium.

Having said that it will be less costly for me than the CSL and certainly less than a GT3 - so in that respect it is worth a thought.

Really wish it was the car - id feel like a ponce in a porka and I cant help thinking a CSL is a pipe dream crazy.gif

Will let you know if I make a firm decision before my build slot...

First dibs - Guy 169144-ok.gif

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I actually prefure the body of the CSL to the GT3 (996 at least).

I wouldnt swap for anything today.

Im just thinking in a couple of years when it is time for a change I can only see the GT3 at this time being the way foward.

Ninja green RS preferably!

CSL im sure would be first choice though...

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easily sorted - swap the seats for some Recaro racing bucket ones.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not quite the same though is it...

It wont have the noise, super agressive looks or the sparce and booming interior.

Be closer to driving the Maybach. Flush.gif

Dont really know - its jsut to early to tell and there is only so much speculation im capable of...

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my only real gripe with the CSL is how fragile the interior can be. I've already had the carbon centre console relaquered once due to scratches and now small ones are appearing again (I suspect caused by the dealer's valeters!).

Also I'm sick of asking passengers not to just throw off the seatbelt for fear of scratching the carbon door panels!

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