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Cold air all the time


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Air con might need a refill/service.

Several option open to you - stealers (expensive), local independent (knowledge), local air con place, Halfords for a can of stuff that costs around 10-20 quid if memory serves. Worth a try if you're brave enough I reckon - 20 quid is neither here nor there if it works or not.

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Surely the problem isn't with the aircon needing a refill? If it blows cold whatever temp is set there is no heated air being added to give a heated setting?

Specific questions are;

If the climatronic is set to 'LO' do you get progresively colder and colder air indicating the refrigerant is present

and being compressed etc?

When climatronic is set to a high temperature does it heat the car? My understanding is that in your case it remains cold?

When you switch from ECON to AUTO can you hear a click from the compressor pump driven by the auxilliary belt between radiator and engine on drivers side indicatiting that the pulley clutch is engaging and again clicking when you switch back from AUTO to ECON?

Not saying I will diagnose your problem but at least it will give us all a better picture what problem is.

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