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Malaysian Grand Prix


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Neil what happen.... frown.gifUHOH7.GIF

Malaysian GP on ITV

Live qualifying Saturday 7 April 0630-0820 ITV3

Qualifying re-run Saturday 7 April 1340-1530 ITV1

Live race Sunday 8 April 0730-1000 ITV1

Race re-run Sunday 8 April 1540-1800 ITV1

Highlights Monday 9 April 0045-0145 ITV1

Highlights re-run Monday 9 April 1800-1900 ITV4

Can't wait to see what happens with this one. Apparently Kimi had a water leak in his engine from the last race so they may end up changing it. Plus Ferrari were running a flexible under tray that they think contributed to the increased performance but FIA have clarified that they can't do this and a fixed stiff under tray is required outlawing the innovation.

Might mean Mclaren et al might be a bit closer this week. grin.gif

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P1 - Alonso

P2 - Hamilton

P3 - Raikkonen

Brilliant start by Lewis again. Alonso romped away and Raikkonen nearly caught Lewis at end. Massa made some errors. Rosberg drove very well but car failed.

Hamilton showed great maturity throughout - Very cool and very consistent 169144-ok.gif.

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The Ferraris did good but Massa made a serious misjudgement trying to overtake Hamilton and went off and never full recovered. Should be good racing between the Ferraris and McLarens with BMW and Williams making progress. The Honda has much catching up to do.

Raikkonen is still as miserable and sour as ever! Good driver though - I just can't warm to him. Alonso was impeccable.

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I know Hamilton has a good racing background (i.e. you don't come from nowhere to F1) but he's so far playing a blinder.

He's had proper pressure put on him and has come out on top each time.

Well played to him. I hope he keeps cool and he doesn't get over confident or arrogant.

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I hope he keeps cool and he doesn't get over confident or arrogant.

[/ QUOTE ]

He seems to have the right character and the right support to hopefully avoid that. Only time will tell though, especially if this superb start continues.

Edit: Mind you, if this superb start does continue, he has every right to be a tad arrogant! grin.gif

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Not the most exciting of races but yet again Hamilton had a stunning and very intelligent start to the race. Defended as well as anyone in F1 could today.

Alonso had another great race and Masser wasn't up to Hamiltons standard bless him. Looks good for a few battles for the rest of the season.

No idea what Renault and Honda are doing they seem to have lost the plot. smashfreakB.gif

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