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Eliminating Norton


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I'd like to remove Norton Anti-virus from my PC. But I keep reading people saying it's really difficult, lots to do etc.

I've no idea how to do this and would normally have just gone to Add/Remove Programs and removed Norton, but presumably there's much more to it?

Any chance of an idiots guide?

Am deleting it cos I'm lead to believe it's a huge memory hog and slows the PC down. It's struggling with video editing at the mo so figure getting rid of Norton (and moving a lot of movies onto a remote harddrive) should free up some space and processing power.

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The answer is it can be a problem to remove, but not necessarily.

Try Add/Remove first - that's the best place to start.

in my experience while it removes the chunk of the setup norton does have a habit of leaving the odd file & setup info behind. Difficult to remove if you don't know what you're doing as it involves pissing about with the registry etc.

Try Add/Remove - more than likely will work for you.

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I remember the above seeming to work well for me. Laptop came with security centre and 90 day trial on it. Lasted 4 days before I got rid of it. Add/remove and the on-site tool worked okay.

There may be a couple of files left lying around still though as a few 'Symantec'ish titled ones keep coming up as locked in a NOD32 scan.

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Quote "Eliminating Norton"

Dooh ... I thought this was a thread about TV presenter Graham ... thought there might have been a collection or something.

Can't help IT wise ... just not that clever ... other than on my old computer I had Norton installed and it wasn't very good ... McAfee on my new computer is much better in my personal non-IT based opinion.


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