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Good Morning

I am just about to put my Passat in Autotrader for sale.

It is about £16 for two weeks on the web and an additional £15 to go in the magazine.

Is it worth paying extra to go in the mag, or do most people buy off the internet now?



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Go for the mag. People still use it.

If you are putting it on the web with your email address I'd seriously consider setting up a free email account, gmail, yahoo etc, for selling the car and then closing it. When I had MrsP's alfa up for sale I counted 96 seperate emails from scammers. It was getting silly.

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Sold mine on ebay, tried on autotrader for three weeks but never got a nibble, of course that could have been me or the car rather than the trader.

Depends on the value of the car, but I did Autotrader, here, pistonheads and Ebay.

The bay of E was where it finally sold. Which is a pain because then you have FV fees but hey at least it sold smile.gif

Just bought a car off autotrader so it can't be all bad. Also I think I bought the Allroad off there too a couple of years back.

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