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[Audi A3/S3] Skyline GT


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Had a bit of fun with a skyline GT today on the A38 my god those things are fast shocked.gif

Knew he would be quicker but thought i'd give it a go. He was right up my chuff eventually I pulled over and let him past just before it went back to single carriageway all good fun big thumbs up from each of us so he obviously respected the S3.

Great drive back from Cornwall today and I have to say compared to my old TT the overtaking ability of the S3 is truly astonishing - I LOVE IT!!!

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Cheers Stevie appreciate your comments, it was fun grin.gif - just thought i'd share confused.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry mate, wasn't having a go at ya, it was my drunken praising blush.gif

I love it when two drivers can have a play on the roads, had a very nice run out with some old Toyota saloon (can't remember what it was), but he was an excellent driver and kept up all the way! When we got to a T-junction we split ways after giving each other a big thumbs up grin.gif

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