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VW MF2DVD Sat Hav & Phatnoise

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I use one with the MFD 1 and there is a slight bug in that occasionally it drops the CDC (which it sees the PN as) but so you just get the radio til you select the CDC again. There was a fix that involved jumpering some of the pins but it is so slight I didn't bother.

MFD 1 wasn't an option in the US & PN wasn't available in Europe so the 2 never got tested together but I imagine yours will be OK as both were sold in US at same time

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My MFD2 works fine with the phatbox the only issue is it won't read out the text announcing each artist or album. In fact it will read out the first one when you choose browse artists and then when you scan forward it either says nothing or only half of the text.

Any suggestions on a fix ?



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