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Windows un wide screen


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You need to be able to set it to the correct 16:9 ratio for your Plasma exactly what this is depends on if its scales (Not sure what plasmas do for scaling) and if its HD or not.

1,280x720 will be 720p

1,920x1,080 will be 1080i/P

Right click on your desktop and Properties and then Settings to see what your graphics card can do.


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A 42" plasma uses a 4:3 ratio resolution but on a 16:9 shape screen, it does this by using rectangular pixels.

So to get the best image you have to send it its native resolution, which will most likely be 1024x768/60hz, which will give you a swuashed desktop, and then tell each app where ratio matters that you are viewing on a widescreen display or that you are viewing on a 4:3 display.

So for photos tell your photo viewer you have a 16:9 screen and it should look right, on video software tell it you have a 4:3 screen but anamorphic.

Or if you don't mind the desktop being a bit blurry, which you won't notice with photos, films and games anyway, just set your resolution to 1280x720.

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