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Striped sets


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What are striped sets when it comes to hard drives.

I got drive problems with one of our minilabs. It contains 4 drives.. Number 1 is partitioned and has two segments. Drive 2 is just a single hard drive.

Drives 3 and 4 are dynamic in nature and striped, so they act as one. What else does being striped mean?

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Being stripped means that they are in Raid 0, or another Raid 2,3,5 or 10 maybe there are quite a few. Its done for speed as you can then read data from 2 or more disks at the same time rather than having the data on 1 drive and waiting for the heads to get round to being able to read them. 169144-ok.gif


Raid 0

Software stripping and Block Interleave (minimum 2 drives needed )

Data is written to each drive in succession, each block going to the next available drive thus the data is distributed across the array drives (striping) providing faster operation and less chance that one drive will get overloaded with data requests. The volume can of course be much larger than any single drive. Since no redundancy is provided, the failure of a single drive will bring the system down.

Fastest and most efficient array type but offers no fault-tolerance.

[/ QUOTE ]

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