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Applying TFR (inc engine bay)


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Ok so I've decided to purchase an AB Lance and am investing in some Snow foam but am not too sure about TFR.

I know some detailers apply TFR under the bonnet but what type do you use for this and how do you apply - I'm aware you should waterproof certain areas but the whole idea kind of fills me with dread!

Any recommendations on types of TFR to use for different jobs - engines, wheels / arches or generally very dirty cars?

Thanks 169144-ok.gif

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TFR comes in different strengths so dont get anything acidic unless your cleaning buses!! You might find your better off with APC for your wheel arches, under the engine etc. Simply b/c of issues with the strenght of product.

If you are starting from scratch you might want to get a medium TFR, plenty of companies sell them AG is one company. You can melt off mud etc with ease, generally more aggressive then the foam gun mixes. If you go to Autoglym.co.uk you can choose TRADE RANGE then QUICK SELECTER and you should see the POWERMAX RANGE and choose something PM3 or PM4 if you want a waxie coating afterwards.

Under the bonnet, you will want to make sure exposed electrics are cleanfilmed off. To be honest, i dont bother im just careful where i spray my APC mixed 3-1. Have the engine cool, stay out of the sun and use a foaming head and good to help aggitate those hard to reach areas.


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