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Just put my car in with VW after they rang me to tell me the coilpacks had arrived, waited an hour and 40 mins, only for them to tell me they are not covered under warranty and they would not be fitting them, as nothing on 5051 came up to say they need replacing, this is after them putting on the 40k service "advise all coil packs need replacing".

Got the manager involved turns out the coilpacks are covered under a 5 year warranty anyway and they will be replaced next week.

Why are dealers so poo???

Someone else on here was waiting for coilpacks, so it seems they are coming through now (saw them in the manager's hands)!!!


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On my 40k service sheet they had put down that all 6 were corroded, and need to be replaced. Even brought the mechanic out and told me if I didn't replace them performance would decrease etc etc. They might have been pushing this as a money making exercise, and now that has backfired on them. The aftersales manager confirmed to me yesterday that they are on a 5 year warranty and they will be fitted under warranty, seeing is believing though.

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