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You're in for a big shock!


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Just been called by the local VW camp to pick up my toy after its 80K service - they do the major servicing for the stamp in the book - local specialist does everything else.

Haldex oil change is part of it and I asked them to change the filter as well, as I get it done every 20K miles. Oh, and two front wiper blades and one rear one. And that's it.

£542.24 EEK2.GIF

Yes, I need to include the pennies in that figure as well, otherwise it would be only £542, not £543...

Bear in mind they don't need to change the air filter, or that would probably add an extra £273 to the bill.

Yes, I charge our guys out at between £85 and £145 an hour, but £79 an hour for an auto engineer is just getting a bit excessive. Yes, I know he's fully qualified and they have a lovely showroom with sparkly cars and lots of admin people and need to make a profit, but I think the time has come for me to send it to my local specialist for its next major service at 90K.

Whoever buys it is just going to have to accept a non-VW stamp in the book...

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That's absolutely riduculous Mook 169144-ok.gif

Awesome GTI only charge £45+VAT per hour, and I know who I think would have the better techs. Not sure what to do when mine needs doing. Will check with VW how much they would expect the service to be.

I had my haldex oil and filter changed at 20K by Awesome when they fitted the HPP for me. To fit the parts and do the service was only an hours labour at £45+VAT

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I'm having a 60k service done next week, plus full Haldex service. I'm having it done at APS - have been quoted $140 plus VAt and £55 plus VAT respectively smile.gif

I won't go to the dealers anymore as I had a bad experience last time I let them put their grubby mitts on it, plus they never did the Haldex at 40k but told me they did, plus they're just too expensive. It's cheaper for me to travel a 135mile round trip to APS instead of a 6 mile round trip to the dealers!

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The local VW dealer here (there is only one BTW) charges $381 for an oil change service on a Golf. That's using generic oil, and generic mechanics.

To put this in perspective:

I paid $210 for my last oil change and that was including the price of 6 litres of Fuchs Titan GT1 oil!!!!

Also - the Boxster - I put it in at 7500km for an oil and filter change, and got a Cayman S for the day as a loan car. The dealer charged me $330 for the lot (I would have paid that for the loan car grin.gif )

I only take my cars to a dealer for warranty work (well the Porsche may become the exception) - specialists all the way for my Audi and now, R32, for all maintenance and service work. 169144-ok.gif

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