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I bought 2 tyres for my A6 a few months back. Got them via http://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/ who were about the cheapest I could find (£148 )at the time for 2 * 205/55/16/91W Pirelli P6000s fully fitted. I've just checked again for the fronts (got a slow puncture that couldn't be repaired) and this time they were £134 for 2.

The site seems to be a front for National Tyres who seem to be a kwik fit type place in that they have outlets in most major towns. You pay on line and take a print out to your chosen branch. I needed a quick fitting (website gives appointment 2 days out which I presume is just to allow them to get stock in) but it gave an 0800 number to ring for short notice appointments. They will check the stock at your nominated branch and if they have it in then you can go there and then.

I went this afternoon - I got a courtesy call from the branch to confirm they had my tyres in stock and would hold them until I came in. When I got there two guys dealt with the car - both tyres changed in 15 minutes and all nuts torqued on by hand as well without having to ask. I handed over my print out and signed and that was it.

As a guide for my tyres - Kwik fit wanted £197 (for P7s ) and National Tyres themselves ( direct) wanted £199 for P6000s. The guys at the branch claimed they didn't know the price I paid (though it was on the print out I brought) - they just see it come through as a job on the computer under a central acconut code.

As a check - blackcircles / e-tyres etc were about the same price first time around -but that meant visiting some out of the way garage etc...but this time at £134 tyre-shopper was cheaper by over £15 and I drive past the National Tyres place on the way home so no hassle for me.

So - having used them twice whilst theres no guarantees on prices tomorrow / for other ture sizes I'd say they are well worth a check next time you need new tyres+++

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