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Off to France in a couple of weeks to buy champagne and wine for our wedding.

Trying to work out what is the max weight I can load up my AV Avant 3.0TDi.

The difference between kerb weight and gross weight in the manual is 475kg.

Does that mean once you have taken passenger weight out of it, what you are left with is your max safe load?

Any help appreciated.



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Depends how you distribute the load.

There is also a maximum load for each axle, so if you put a lot in the rear you may exceed the rear axle rating before you reach the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight).

Once got stopped at a roadside weight check and while I was well under the GVW my rear axle was overloaded and my front axle well within limit, so they made me take some heavy items out of the boot and put them in the front passenger footwell before they would let me continue.

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A friend of mine did irreparable damage to the suspension of his car on a booze run a few years ago. So unless it's a company car…

I don't know how much you save going to France but we get most of out champers from tesco.com and they often do good deals. We got Bollinger for less than £20 a bottle just before Christmas. tongue.gif

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