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Hi all, advice please


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looking for some advice please, not for me but a mate who has am 55 plate s line Cab. Whilst looking at his car this morning i pointed out it was covered in little rust spots. Most of which are on the boot and shoulder area. The laquer is very patchy and looks like its delaminating in areas. Any advice on how he should procede?? he has rang the garage where he purchased it( brand new) and they still havn't called him back.(least it isn't just honda who do this laugh.gif) what happens?? does he reject the car back to them?? or do they have to rectify the paint, not sure i would want a new car thats had a respray. Anyone have any idea on what he can expect. cheers

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This may not be rust, The boot lit is not made from steel as I found out when I used a magnetic GB plate the other week - Doh!

If the rust spots are very tiny, as in almost like dust spots of rust this may be paint contamination which can be removed very easily. If it is this it is likely it has been caused by parking the car near railway stations or possibly an area where there is high industrial activty.

If so a good wash and then use of a clay bar and then polish and wax should sort this out.

Try this Clay Bar or similar

If this doesn't shift it try the dealer

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